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Thumbnail generation

ortfo/db's compiler allows you to automatically generate thumbnails for your media files.


Configuration of thumbnails generation is done via the make thumbnails section of the configuration:

  enabled: false
  file name template: ""

make thumbnails:
  input file: ""
  enabled: true
	- 100
	- 400
	- 600
	- 1200
  file name template: <work id>/<block id>@<size>.webp


input file



Controls whether thumbnails are generated or not


Array of sizes to generate thumbnails for. The sizes are in pixels. The generated thumbnail will have its largest side equal to the size specified, while preserving its aspect ratio.

file name template

The template for the file name of the generated thumbnails. The following placeholders are available:

  • <work id>: The work's identifier
  • <block id>: The block's identifier
  • <size>: The size of the thumbnail


Generated thumbnails will be created in the media directory, using the file name template to determine the full filepath.

The output database.json file will include paths to these files alongside the media blocks:

	"ideaseed": {
		"content": {
			"en": {
				"blocks": [
						"id": "GBpC-nYDgw",
						"type": "media",
						"anchor": "ideaseed-logo-black-transparent",
						"index": 0,
						"thumbnails": {
							"100": "ideaseed/GBpC-nYDgw@100.webp",
							"400": "ideaseed/GBpC-nYDgw@400.webp",
							"600": "ideaseed/GBpC-nYDgw@600.webp",
							"1200": "ideaseed/GBpC-nYDgw@1200.webp"
						"thumbnailsBuiltAt": "2024-04-14 21:06:29.866092383 +0200 CEST m=+3.902704829",

Image formats

The extension of the file name determines what format the thumbnail will be saved in. As thumbnail generation is handled by ImageMagick, the extension must correspond to one of the formats supported by ImageMagick, which is a lot of formats.