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ortfodb exporters doc

Get help for a specific exporter

ortfodb exporters doc <name> [flags]


$ ortfodb exporters help localize

localize    Export separately the database as a single database for each language. The `content` field of each work is localized, meaning it's not an object mapping languages to localized content, but the content directly, in the language.

To add localize to your project, add the following to your ortfodb config file:

    localize: # <- add this alongside your potential other exporters
      filename_template: ""

Feel free to change these configuration values. Check out the exporter's documentation to learn more about what they do.


ShorthandFlagArgumentDescriptionDefault value
-h‐‐helphelp for doc

Options inherited from parent commands

ShorthandFlagArgumentDescriptionDefault value
-c‐‐configstringconfig file pathortfodb.yaml
‐‐scatteredOperate in scattered mode. In scattered mode, the files are searched inside `.ortfo' folders in every folder of the database directory, instead of directly in the database directory's folders. See

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