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Running ortfo/db

Building your database

Make sure that ortfodb in installed.

Open up a terminal, and run the following:

ortfodb build database.json
ortfodb --scattered build database.json

You should get the following output:

        Writing default configuration file at ortfodb.yaml
        Warning default configuration assumes that your projects
                live in /mnt/datacore/projects/ortfo/website.
                Change this with projects at in the generated configuration file
           Info No configuration file found. The default configuration was used.
       Finished compiling to database.json

Subsequent runs of this command will be faster as long as you re-use the output file: ortfo/db will only recompile the projects that have changed since the last run.

Notice the warning. If you ran the previous command from the directory that contains all of your projects, you should be fine. But if you ran it from somwhere else, you'll probably want to change that projects at setting it's talking about to point it to where your projects are.

Tweaking the configuration file

Open up ortfodb.yaml in your favorite text editor.

It should look a little like this:

extract colors:
    enabled: true
    extract: []
    default files: []
make gifs:
    enabled: false
    file name template: ""
make thumbnails:
    enabled: true
        - 100
        - 400
        - 600
        - 1200
    input file: ""
    file name template: <work id>/<block id>@<size>.webp
build metadata file: .lastbuild.yaml
    at: media/
scattered mode folder: .ortfo
    repository: ""
    repository: ""
projects at: /home/you

The config file that ortfo/db generated for you has mostly sensible defaults. The most important things to check are:

projects at
The path to the directory that contains all of your projects
Where to copy all the media files you reference in your files, as well as the generated thumbnails

Most other options relate to certain features, you'll find documentation about them in the pages relating to the features themselves.


TODO: Document the whole config file in one place

What now?

Congrats, you've setup ortfo/db!

Next steps:

What to know all the data contained in your database?
Check out the database format
Want to learn more about the different features ortfo/db has to offer?
Check out the features page
Wanna integrate ortfo/db with a static site generator?
See the Static site generator exporters
Curious about how ortfo/db is used to actually make a portfolio site?
Check out the repository for my own portfolio, which is (of course) built with ortfo/db.
You can also see how net7 uses ortfo/db to keep their projects page up to date: see the repository (warning: french ahead)