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ortfodb build

Build the database


Scan in the projects directory for folders with files (and potential media files) and compile the whole database into a JSON file at to-filepath.

If to-filepath is "-", the output will be written to stdout.

If include-works is provided, only works that match the pattern will be included in the database.

ortfodb build <to-filepath> [include-works] [flags]


ShorthandFlagArgumentDescriptionDefault value
-e‐‐exportersstringArrayExporters to enable. If not provided, all the exporters configured in the configuration file will be enabled.
-h‐‐helphelp for build
-m‐‐minifiedOutput a minifed JSON file
‐‐no-cacheDisable usage of previous database build as cache for this build (used for media analysis among other things).
-q‐‐silentDo not write to stdout
‐‐workersintChoose the number of workers to build the database. Defaults to the number of CPU cores.12
‐‐write-progressstringWrite progress information to a file. See for more information.

Options inherited from parent commands

ShorthandFlagArgumentDescriptionDefault value
-c‐‐configstringconfig file pathortfodb.yaml
‐‐scatteredOperate in scattered mode. In scattered mode, the files are searched inside `.ortfo' folders in every folder of the database directory, instead of directly in the database directory's folders. See

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