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ortfodb replicate

Replicate a database directory from a built database file.


Replicate a database from from-filepath to to-filepath. Note that to-filepath must be an empty directory.

WARNING: This command is still kind-of a WIP, it works but there's minimal logging and error handling.

ortfodb replicate <from-filepath> <to-filepath> [flags]


Example: ortfodb replicate ./database.json ./replicated-database/


ShorthandFlagArgumentDescriptionDefault value
-h‐‐helphelp for replicate
-n‐‐no-verifyDon't try to validate the built database file before replicating

Options inherited from parent commands

ShorthandFlagArgumentDescriptionDefault value
-c‐‐configstringconfig file pathortfodb.yaml
‐‐scatteredOperate in scattered mode. In scattered mode, the files are searched inside `.ortfo' folders in every folder of the database directory, instead of directly in the database directory's folders. See

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